Root Canal Treatment Cost in Chennai

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    Absolute dental clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Chennai where root canal treatment is performed routinely with the latest equipment and techniques. The doctors have under gone specialized training in the latest treatment techniques in root canal treatment and follow strict infection control protocols to make your root canal treatment experience as pleasant as possible.

    With the advances in the anesthesia, techniques and armamentarium in root canal treatment, the procedure is no more a painful or unpleasant experience at Absolute dental clinic which is ranked as one of the best dental clinics in Chennai. Modern root canal treatments are quick and efficient and in no way comparable to the how it was performed in the past two decade.

    Root Canal Treatment in Chennai

    Dental Clinic in Chennai

    Root canal treatment is a tooth saving procedure that is performed by the dentist to relieve people of their pain and sensitivity. Deep cavities in teeth facilitate bacteria to enter the deep chambers and canals with in the teeth. These canals and chambers house the nerves and blood vessels of teeth. The inflammation and infection due to entry of bacteria cause considerable amount of pressure build up with in these canals and chambers, directly affecting the nerves of the teeth. This explains the unbearable pain that people suffer when it comes to dental pain.

    In simple terms, root canal treatment removes and eliminates bacteria from the infected chambers and canals of teeth, thus reducing the inflammation and infection of teeth. The dentist would administer a local anesthetic injection to numb the teeth and the surrounding areas. Once adequate anesthesia is achieved, the dentist uses specialized instruments to clean the canals and chambers of teeth. Following this a filling is placed right till the tip of the root of the tooth to prevent reinfection. The dentist would perform some x rays to make sure that the canals and chambers are completely filled. Modern root canal treatments are performed in one of two sittings based on the clinical situation at Absolute dental clinic which is ranked among the best dental clinics in Chennai.

    Root Canal Treatment Cost in Chennai

    The cost of root canal treatment in Chennai varies depending on the clinical condition of the tooth, position of the tooth in the mouth and the number of canals present in the tooth. While the front teeth generally have one canal, the back teeth have minimum three canals and up to 4 canals at times. Root canal treatment cost in Chennai ranges from 3000 to 7500 on an average. It is worth mentioning that the root canal treatment cost at Absolute Dental Clinic is very much affordable.

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