Dental Implant Cost in Chennai

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    Dental implantation is a common term used by general public referring to replacing teeth. Although partly true it is a misnomer. Teeth can be replaced in many ways. One of the techniques to replace a lost tooth is dental implant. Absolute dental clinic is one of the pioneers in dental implants in Chennai.

    The replaced tooth could be removable tooth or a fixed tooth. There are a number of factors that determine the best way to replace tooth.

    These include

    • General medical status of the patient
    • Age of the patient
    • Oral health status of the patient
    • Condition of gums and supporting bone
    • Presence and condition of adjacent teeth
    • Urgency or time factor available to replace teeth
    • Cosmetic factors
    • Fixed or removable teeth
    • Financial implications or budget of the patient
    • Pain tolerance of patient

    Dental Implants in Chennai

    Dental Implants in Chennai Removable tooth:

    Arguably the simplest way to replace a tooth is removable denture. It could be partial denture replacing only selected few teeth or complete denture replacing the entire set of teeth. Obviously, the disadvantage of this technique is in its name itself “removable”. Often patients find it uncomfortable, loose and coming off while eating, chewing and speaking. Last but not the least the risk of swallowing or gagging on these removable dentures cannot be rules out. Dental implants and bridge has largely replaced the removable tooth concept.


    As the name suggests, a bridge makes use of the adjacent teeth as pillars and replace missing teeth. This is a fixed option. However the biggest drawback to this technique is intentional damage to adjacent teeth which otherwise could be symptom free. There are a number of types of bridges available. The best option would be decided by the dentist depending on the clinical scenario. Dental implants have largely replaced this replacement technique.

    Dental Implant:

    A tooth has two parts, a crown that is the visible part of the tooth in the mouth and a root that is under the gums. The root supports the tooth. A dental implant is nothing but a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone, in an area where a tooth is missing. The screw essentially acts a root of the tooth and a crown is then fixed on top of this screw. The success of a dental implant depends on a number of factors. Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Generally the success rate of dental implants worldwide is about 95 percent. Absolute dental clinic is one of the pioneers in dental implants in Chennai.

    Precision attachment:

    This technique is a semi fixed option, meaning the prosthesis has two parts, a fixed part and a removable part. It is a viable option for people who wants fixed teeth but not keen on a bridge or a dental implant.

    Dental Implant Cost in Chennai

    Dental implant cost in Chennai varies. The cost depends on the type of tooth replacement technique that is used. It is worth mentioning that dental implant cost in Chennai is very affordable compared to many other cities in India or abroad.

    When it comes to tooth or dental implantation in Chennai, you can be rest assured that absolute dental clinic is your one stop solution.

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